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    box model/none absolute positioning with flash

    iconofsin14 Level 1

      In recent years none-absolute positioning (or box model positioning) has become the norm with HTML/CSS


      this is uselfull for dynamic functions which appear on an event (such as an object which appears when a button is clicked on or a error message that appears when a form box is given invalid input because it automatically inserts itself it the right place.)

      One very important example of this is when you have a form which automatically produces an error message and the error message appears bellow the input area which caused it and the rest of the page is pushed down.


      With none absolute positioning the developer does not need to worry about this.

      But if the objects are given absolute position then it becomes a massive problem, the developer has to go about giving the objects differetn positions dependant on if dynamic objects appear or not

      potentially the developer has to consider all possible variables, and code if statements which determine the position of all static objects for all possible variables which dynamic objects could take.


      so does flash have a "none absolute positioning" solution to this problem.