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    How to synch values of fields (cbo & text) in Master Pages section in dynamically created pages?

    iefjud874508dS Level 1

      HI folks,

      I have a requirement for a form that has a common master page with a checkbox and text field in it.   The document is basically a table that dynamically adds rows as the user adds entries.   When the first page is full, a second page is dynamically created and the Master page format (including the checkbox & text field) applied to it. 


      When the user sets the checkbox on one page and/or adds text, all of the checkboxes on all of the dynamically created pages (in the master section) and all of the text boxes need to change to show the same values.   


      However, I can't figure out how to address the fields on the other pages.   The number of pages changes from user to user, so I can't address them with a static reference.


      Does anyone know how to keep these fields in synch?


      Thanks in advance!