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    Create Episodes?


      I was wondering if there was a way to create episodes (as in different videos that don't run together and have their own scene selection menu, preferably bridging from the first, main, scene selection menu)? I've tried researching and fiddling with the program on my own, but nothing's really popped up so far, so I'm figuring there probably isn't. But I figured I might as well ask and get a definitive answer before completely giving up. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's just telling me for sure it's not possible. I've got Premiere Elements 8, if the version number makes a difference. Thanks.

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          nealeh Level 5

          Add a Main Menu marker at the beginning of each episode. This creates an entry for each item on the main menu. Add Scene Menu markers for each episode and end it with a Stop marker. This will return focus to the Main menu. Do not add a Stop Marker at the very end of your timeline - it crashes PRE.


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