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    Direct Call *.8LI


      (sorry, very bad english)


      Can I direct call CropPhotosAuto.8LI in VBscript?


      Now I do this with:


      SET objApp = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")


      Dim idCropPhotosAuto0001
      idCropPhotosAuto0001 = objApp.StringIDToTypeID( "CropPhotosAuto0001" )
      Call objApp.ExecuteAction( idCropPhotosAuto0001, , 3 )




      But I only need to call CropPhotosAuto.8LI. But I don't know how to do this. Also I don't know the parameter of the 8LI-File. It will need the name of a Input-file and of a output-file.


      If there is no way and I must start PS (waiting many seconds), can I start the PS hidden? What must I write in my vbs-file to do this?


      Thank you.