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    Undo/Redo with InDesign Server


      Hello guys,


      is it possible to implement a undo/redo functionality as the client supports on the indesign server? The only method I found is the "revert"-method of the document object which turns the document back to the state before the last save operation. Is there a step-by-step undo method also?


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          alam_84 Level 1

          Hi Peter,


          I am also looking for the same thing.

          As we know that indesign server does not have an undo() method. then I could try to achieve it as follows

          1. Create a scriptable plugin and add a method UndoChange

          2. Used

          ICmdHistory::CanUndo and


          methods to achieve undo functionality and found that it works fine for indesign desktop but on indesign server ICmdHistory::CanUndo fails.


          Does InDesign server has any limitation on undo?


          Any help here will be appreciated.


          Thanks and Regards,