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    Converting RGB computer video to YUV for TV display w/ no video monitor


      Hey there- I'm not really a video guy but am producing a slideshow video of my stills on DVD and Blu-Ray. I did the slideshow in Fotomagico and exported to quicktime then authored the disc in Encore with Photoshop/After Effects menus. It all looked great in my computer but when played on my HDTV through PS3 the colors were all washed out and the highlights clipped. I recently discovered that I should have edited this all on a video monitor rather than my computer monitor but at this point, that's not possible.


      I'm thinking of just bringing the footage into Premiere and applying a Levels effect to control the White output level and the gamma but have no idea where to go with the adjustments. One tutorial suggested moving the white output point from 255 to 235 but what about gamma? Any advice on doing this quick and dirty to get in the ballpark with no video monitor?


      Thanks for any insights!