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    Example of mobile Skin




      From what I read, Flex hero mobile theme has been built using FXG skins written in AS.

      Actually, I'm looking at a quick sample of how to build custom lightweight mobile skins.

      I've looked at the mobile theme given with hero SDK but it's only a SWC file so I can't see the source code.



      This is how I would build a mobile skin :


      1) Create an AS class that extends SparkSkin/Skin (depends if I plan to use styles)

      2) Define SkinState with AS3 metadata

      3) Create and add the required skinparts to the display list (createChildren method?)

      4) Add FXG elements in AS (something like that : http://saturnboy.com/2010/11/programmatic-skinning-in-flex-4-an-fxg-clock/). Where should I do that, updateDisplayList method?


      Please tell me if I'm wrong or anything