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    Access Denied Bug Opening PDFs from the DFS in Reader X


      Are there any timelines for when a bugfix will be released for the Access Denied problems when opening PDFs from a DFS share with Protected Mode enabled? We were hoping to make use of the new sandboxing technology within the corporate environment, as recent issues with security vulnerabilities (in Adobe Reader 9, the authplay.dll issues) would be mitigated by the technology. However, as the Protected Mode does not work when opening from the DFS there is no point in moving to Adobe Reader X from 9.4.1 at the moment.


      It would be good to have a release date so that we can start taking advantage of the technology as soon as we are able to.




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          Or has anyone found a way to add the dfs root to the "privileged locations" list?  I have tried "\\dfsroot" as a folder path and "dfsroot" as a host and also tried "trust Win OS zones" and then put "file://dfs root" in the local intranet zone.  I really want to keep the protected mode on, as about 2 out of 3 of our malware infections at work I've traced back to Reader exploits, even when running the newest versions.  I'm hoping the protected mode will protect against those 0-day exploits.