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    importREDserver.exe crashes and preformance down



      we are editing a 90min. feature documentary shot on red.

      I know its a huge project...

      (5000 r3d files + some wavs and avis)

      but I was hoping we could get through with it!  ; )


      are there things we can do/set up, so that the system runs more stable...?!


      We are using:


      Win7 64bit
      Intel Core i7-980  3.33 GHz Prozessor 6core (12 core in hyperthreading)

      12 gig ram

      5TB in raid10 (extra adapteq card)

      Nvidia gtx 470 (with hack)


      CS5 Premiere 5.0.2 (scared to upgrade and not be able to go back! ; )

      AE, Encore, Photoshop

      no Internet

      no antivirus

      win classic view

      I tried to eliminate all the safe energy mode problems...

      media cache is also on the raid in the project folder


      red footage runs smoothly in 1/4 nativly in the timeline.


      When I startup the project is needs 10-15 min. to load.

      I guess its normal, because we have so many clips to index.


      we reached the 40 min. mark.

      now one or more of the importREDserver.exe crash almost everytime we load the project.

      and the preview isn't running smooth anymore...


      what can we do to prevent from crashing?

      hardware or software wise...

      more ram?

      win7 setup?


      (4 instances of the importserver.exe are running while loading.

      task manager says that some cores are parked?! Does that do anything?

      Can I restart the servers manually?

      Or setup the project diffently...


      We are now going to save the first sequence, delete the timeline and start with a new second sequence for 40 to 90min. part.

      But I still need all the footage to choose from...


      really curious for some tips!!