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    sendAndLoad with ASP

      I have seen threads on this topic before but I think my situation might be unique. I am using LoadVars.sendAndLoad to pass vars to an ASP script on a different domain via the GET method. The ASP script does not return any values back to Flash but to be safe I do pass a return LoadVars object to the method. When I test the SWFs locally in the Flash Player they execute correctly, however on the web server they don't work. I looked into a cross domain policy file and the System.security.loadPolicyFile method (despite no data being returned to Flash from the domain where the ASP exists) since I don't have access to the web root directory. This didn't seem to help. I think this is some sort of Flash security issue but I can't seem to lock down what it could be. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. Verify that the ASP script returns data without Flash. Just type the URL into the browser and see what happens.
          2. Security will not be an issue if all are on same domain - Flash movie, Flash HTML, ASP and any external assets.
          3. Testing locally?? Does that mean you are testing locally on web server?? It should!