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    Status checks not going away on restart


      We are accessing an aggregated project which is simply being hosted on our website, not a formal LMS. When a user completes the project and exits and the next user at the same station accesses the project, the status checks are still in place and, in many cases, the project does not begin at the beginning, but rather in the middle.

      I have turned off self paced learning in the skin editor, my project end option is set to Stop Project. Neither has fixed this. I feel looping is not the solution.

      any ideas?

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Am I understanding you correctly that each person is using the same PC to complete this course?

          If so, are they logging off and logging on as a new user?


          I suspect that you may be getting this issue because the course is writing Flash Cookies to the user profile.  Unless deleted, those cookies will remain behind.  Having users log in under their own profile should prevent their course experience being affected by other user cookies.

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            zappala1 Level 1

            I tried deleting the cookies and the problem still persists. is it possible that flash is writing cookies somewhere other than what the browser specifies? this would make sense because I am convinced I am getting the check marks even when launching the program fresh in another browser altogether (firefox instead of chrome, for example).

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Flash cookies are stored in a totally different location to the normal text-based browser cookies.


              On a Vista or Win7 machine the location is here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects


              If there are Shared Objects (Flash Cookies) saved on your PC, they'll be inside folders here.  You can delete the folders for a given user.  Theoretically that should mean they don't have any to interfere with the course playback.  Turning on Self-Paced Learning in the Cp TOC settings results in cookies here that enable the Captivate lesson to know which slide the user got up to during their last session.  I almost never use Self-Paced Learning because it results in what many users consider unpredictable behaviour, where the course jumps straight to the middle or end of a lesson they've previously viewed.

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                zappala1 Level 1

                Thanks, Rod, this is really helpful. I think I've figured it out, i have XP and  flash seems to write the cookies just about anywhere it darn pleases. deleting them has not eliminated the check marks, but that's probably because I haven't found the right ones yet.

                I re-published with the self paced learning turned off and indeed, it does start at the beginning now every time I load. Phew! I could simply eliminate the status checks altogether from the TOC, but I find my students like them. Will see how cumbersome it becomes to delete cookies at our training labs each time around.

                thanks for your help!