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    same direction scroll?


      I want to create a scroll panel like the menus in iPhone, Android, etc, which means, when the cursor moves up, the content also goes up.


      I couldn't find this kind of component in Catalyst, therefore I create one using the normal scroll bar and scoll panel. However, it works the other way around.


      Is there any solution for it? Thanks a lot!




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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          For something like that you will have to develop the control in Flash Builder. This will require a fair amount of ActionScript code and an understanding of OOP. You would need to extend the scrollbar class, override it's methods with your custom methods.


          I would caution that unless you are creating a touch interface, reversing the standard scroll behavior will most likely frustrate your users.


          Good luck!



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            xmflsct Level 1

            Thanks Chris. Indeed I am creating a touch interface prototype for a portable device. Not fully working one, but at least a demonstration. That is why I want to have that kind of feature.


            It seems that I have to use ActionScript, which I have no idea about...

            But anyway, thanks for your information!