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    Having trouble with a 'glitchy' image in swf


      Hi, I've put a small movie together using Flash CS5 but am having trouble with one of the animated images and hoping someone can offer some advice. Im fairly new to flash and cant figure it out…


      the file is located here


      The problem is the spinning logo, both large and small. I imported it as a jpeg then saved it as a symbol (Graphic) and animated it using the 3D rotation tool.


      What i want is a smooth rotation around the y axis but the file has a kind of glitch which you can see on the rotation of the large logo at the beginning of the movie and the static smaller version later on. The large and small logos are on different layers and the document is saved at a frame rate of 24.00


      the glitch doesn't show up in the flash file, only when published as a swf...


      Can anyone offer any hints as to why this might be happening?