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    server and file (Image) management


      Long story -


      Two servers

      1. Design and 2. Archive


      Tens of thousands of files on both. We work off the Design server, and once approved/printed, copy to Archive server. Issue is:


      All images should be on Design server in a specific (links) folder structure. At least 7,000 images have made it to the Archive server without organization to hi and lo res qualities. Must move all of only the hi res images to the Design server, removing/deleting the files from the Archive server. SO the instruction needs to open every folder, look at the resolution of every .jpg, .tif, and psd file there is, determine the res, copy to the Design server and delete that file from the archive server.


      Is this a Photoshop or MAC Applescript? Forget Bridge - takes way too long!

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          Paul Riggott Level 6

          IMO a Bridge script would be by far the fastest method as no files need to be opened.

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            Muppet Mark Level 5

            IMO, Paul is right if you are going to use an Adobe app for this… This could be done using AppleScript the easiest method is to use is the in built function of Finder scripting… 'entire contents' of folder this will mine down every level of a chosen directory and you could use the 'whose filtering' with it. Whilst it is much simpler to write the code to has a large overhead on performance. With AppleScript you have the options of calling out to the UNIX underneath your system by using 'do shell script' or there is the Apple utility 'Image Events' (this is a way to access SIPS directly). Calling shells also has an overhead and its better if you can call just once to handle the whole process rather that repeatedly keep calling just to test a single file. If your servers are mac then by some distance the best approach would be to use a BASH script to handle the lot. SIPS supports the file formats that you listed EPS is where it fails over.


            IMO you should be asking your question either here…


            or here…



            I started to learn using shell but got sidelined with ExtendScript and there is only so little my mind can handle… It looks simple as it can be so short but very unforgiving and much better left to those who actually know what there doing…