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    Problem with corrupted images in flash file


      Hey people, i've been searching around and this is the best place I could find to post th


      I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help me with some corrupted files.


      Apparently its a random error where when saving some images may not save properly, I originally saved the file in CS3 and am now working on it where I only have CS4 and 5 available to me.


      The file can open in CS5 but not CS4 for some reason however there are certain scenes containing certain symbols which obviously haven't saved properly and so are missing and "corrupted"


      I also copied the original SWFs from testing and the symbols which are corrupted just show up as red shapes in those as well.


      I am unable to save the file due to these symbols causing it to crash when saving in any available formats and unable to delete the corrupted files as when I attempt to access them flash crashes as well


      I was wondering if there's anyone who would be able to access the file or even anyone willing to attempt to solve the problem as I am on a deadline of a week after christmas and am worried I may not be able to complete it by then with these problems.




      Thanks for any help you can give me.

      (Also I have no idea how to attach the files if anyone can tell me how it would be great or I could upload them elsewhere and post a link)