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    Current Date Field question




      I'm a novice user of LiveCycle and I'm trying to see if there's a solution for this issue we've come across.


      We've used LiveCycle to redesign human resource/payroll forms in our organization. One of the items we use is the current date field, which automatically populates to today's date once opened. When users complete forms, we encourage them to save an electronic copy of the form to their own drive in case they need to retrieve it at a later date. The problem here is that the current date field will not stay static once filled out and saved.


      For example, if a dept completes a form on 12/1/10, saves it, but then needs to retrieve it later for some reason, we need the current date field to stay as the date the form was originally filled out (12/1/10). If they retrieve the form later on say 2/15/10, that particular date field will read the new date. Is this possible?


      Thanks for any help!