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    Regarding Time Lapes in CS5


      I have a few questions that I hope can be answered here.  The first is:  When starting a new Sequence what do you choose if you are making a time lapes?  I don't see anything that lends it self to it.  I've just been choosing DSRL 720p24 and it seems to work.  Another problem I'vee been having is how do you lock all  your images together if you want to move them?  Like for instace if you don't want it centered?  I did one of the sea but the sea is cut off on the bottom, I selected all and moved the frame down but only moves the one frame I am on.  Finally, what about encoding?  If I want to encode it as a quicktime file what are the settings?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For the timelapse (basically stop-motion) work that I have done, I set up the Project to match any Video Assets, or if ONLY stills are used, then I try to estimate the highest resolution that I will ever need, and create a Project/Sequence to match. I then Scale my stills to fit that. For mine, I have found that setting the Duration of the stills to 3 Frames, looks the best. Now, one can alter the Duration of multiple stills in Project Panel. Depending on exactly what one is doing, that above comment might not have validity.


          As for the application of one Effect, like Motion>Position to multiple Assets, apply to the first, and adjust, as is required. Rt-click on it and choose Copy. Now, Select all other such Assets (one can lasso with the cursor, for instance), and then Rt-click on them, choosing Paste Attributes.


          For Selecting, operations like Locking all other Tracks, etc., might prove useful too. One could lock all other Tracks, use Ctrl-A (Select All) then Deselect that first Clip/still, and do the Rt-click>Paste Attributes to all the rest. Several ways to Select.


          Good luck,



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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            DSRL 720p24 will do just fine but it depends on what your final destination is going to be. But why QT.

            Setting duration is not quite as Bill explained in CS5.

            Before importing all your stills go to Edit/Preferences/General/Still Image Duration Default and set the desired duration. (you cannot do that in the Project Window)

            For moving the still into the right postion: dubble click on the first still, go to the Effect Controls and set its Position and Scale if neacacairy.

            Now click on the word Motion, right click and select Copy (or Ctrl+C)

            Lasso all the clips in the timeline and Ctrl+V. Just another way from Pasting Attributes.

            Bill's explanation about locking tracks is somewhat unclear to me.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Are you certain that CS5 will not allow one to change the Duration of multiple Imported stills in the Project Panel? That was supposed to be one of the big changes over the old way - Delete, change the Duration in Edit>Preferences>General>Still Duration, the re-Import. Maybe I just missed something with CS5?


              The setting of the Duration at Import has not been changed - just the ability to alter that after Import.


              Thank you,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As for the Locking of Tracks, one can Lock all other Tracks (should they have Assets on them, that one did not want to affect), then Ctrl+A would only Select those Assets on the un-Locked Tracks.


                As an example, say that the Poster has one Track of just the stills, and wants to Select all but the first still on that Track. They also have plenty of music, narration, Titles, and other Assets on other Tracks, that they do not wish to Select. By Locking those other Tracks, they could do Ctrl+A to Select All. That would Select all stills on that Track. In this case, with time Selected, one would Shift+click on the first still to un-Select that one, leaving all the rest Selected, so that one could Ctrl+V, or Rt-Click and Paste Attributes to them.


                One could also zoom out on the Timeline, and with all other Tracks Locked, lasso the stills, on the un-Locked Track. To do that easily, they would first want to zoom out on the Timeline, to expose all of the stills. If just find Ctrl+A to be easier, regardless of the zoom level of the Timeline. Depending on what is populating the Timeline, and on the vertical (as well as horizontal) zoom level, I find it easier to get 'em all quickly.


                Hope that makes things a bit more clear,



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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Yes you are right i tested it on footage instead of stills.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Thank you for that clarification. I was beginning to totally dis-trust my feeble memory.


                    Greatly appreciated, and happy holidays,



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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Well to set things straight.

                      With mulitple stills you can only change the duration

                      With multiple footage you can only change the speed.

                      For a single clip or still you can change both.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thank you for the clarification.


                        In this case, I was only referring to adjusting the Duration of multiple Imported stills. While my Projects work, as I desire, with 3 Frame Duration, that might not work for the OP. If he/she did use the 3 Frame Duration, and it was not quite right, I wanted them to know that they could then alter that Duration, en masse, from the Project Panel - say to 5 Frames, or to just 1 Frame.





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                          Tayedrummer Level 1

                          I did a bunch of timelapse testing with a Canon 1DmkIV this summer when making this home movie:  http://www.vimeo.com/14647401


                          This is my workflow:

                          • Record each timelapse sequence to it's own folder on the card in-camera.
                          • Open the first image of the sequence in Adobe RAW using Bridge.  Apply any colour correction/image manipulation in RAW as well as cropping the image to the ASPECT (not resolution) that I want to work on (in my case 16:9).
                          • In Bridge, right click the image you've manipulated, copy the RAW settings and then apply them to the rest of the images in the sequence (all these changes are non destructive, it's all just been metadata up until now). At this point I archive the original files to BluRay ROM so the new metadata is archived along with the image.
                          • Once the settings are applied, drag the files to EXPORT TO DISK in Bridge and set the resolution for export (in my case 1920x1080) with maximum quality.
                          • Last step is to open Quicktime Pro, open the image sequence and save it as a QT movie.  At this point you set your frame rate (in my case 23.976).  From this point I drop the QT's into a Premiere bin.



                          It is possible to open a series of still photos in Premiere as sequencial images and skip the Quicktime step but my RAID starts chugging when I do this (5 disk, RAID-0 that plays back 4K R3D and 220Mb/s HD MXF's without a problem).  For $20 it was worth the upgrade to QT Pro and the extra step saves a lot of grief later.


                          This is just my workflow, not the bible on how to do it.  Hope it helps.

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                            I found that the easiest way was to highlight every clip in the project window, right click, change speed and duration to whatever you like and then drop on timeline...literally took 10 seconds.

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                              SteeleEN Level 1

                              Oh and then after that, nest them so you can adjust the whole thing as one clip, do your color correction, change the scale, whatever you like.  By far a thousand times faster and better than QT