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    No external video from Program or Sequence...

    conoscongal Level 1

      I'm having a hard time setting up an external video monitor with Premiere Pro CS5.

      If I load a clip into the Source Monitor window, I can see it on my external monitor.

      But any clips in the Program Monitor window or on my Sequence are not appearing on my external monitor.

      I'm using a Blackmagic Multibridge Pro 2 and I have done all the software updates on both the BM and Premiere.


      If I go to Preferences > Player Settings, the Blackmagic shows up in the player options.

      But if I go to Playback Settings > External Device, I only see DV and Monitor 2 (my second computer monitor), and none of those options have worked.


      I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


      EDIT: Wanted to mention that I do get audio from the Program and Sequence through the Blackmagic. No video, though.