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    Pixel ratio output problem

    mcstampfunk Level 1

      A bit of a newbie here with a problem. I'm actually just doing an exercise from a book and I'm a little confused about something.


      I have a composition that I have set to NTSC D1. I have imported .swf footage that was created at 720x534, wider than the final format to account for the stretching. Once inside AE, I fit the footage to the comp. The footage in AE now looks stretched. I understand though that when this is used in on video hardware it will look correct.


      So I rendered out the composition to a .mov file. When I view this file, the animation is no longer stretched. I expected this to still look stretched on my computer monitor, and that if this video were shown on a TV or other video that it would look correct.

      I don't understand why the .mov isn't stretched anymore. Can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance.