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    button bug

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      So far, I've been very impressed with Catalyst (I'm on the free trial right now). But there's a bug that occurs in my site that I can't figure out how to fix, or even why it's happening.


      My website is composed of several states, one of which has a group of images/buttons which I changed into a Custom Component. This custom component is composed of several states, the first of which is a "thumbnail" view of a series of images (in a data set), and the other states are the images. In each of the image states, I have a link to get back to the "thumbnail" state, and each of the thumbnails links to the appropriate image state.


      This works perfectly, except for one thing; when I'm in an image state, and click back to the thumbnail state, I can't go back to the image I was just viewing! The button in the data set doesn't change to its "over" state, either. All the other buttons work, except when I'm trying to go back to the image I was just viewing.


      Hopefully this question makes sense.


      Any ideas? Although this seems like a small problem, it's the type of small thing that could really annoy viewers!