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    What should the 'cluster size' be of a newly formatted HDD please?

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      setting up a new workflow with cs5...


      not including the OS hdd

      what should the 'cluster size' be for the other HDD's

      that hold video assets and audio files?


      i've read throughout other forums that a larger

      cluster size eases the head movement of the hdd

      and allows it to grab/read/write larger 'chunks'

      which also adds an increase to performance?


      my question is what is the 'magic' setting?


      cluster sizes range from 4kilobytes to 64 kilobytes

      (though anything over 4 will NOT allow you to use NTFS built in compression

      (which i have disabled anyway))


      i have 3    10k disks (not including the OS) that i would like

      to format correctly...



      win 7 64 bit

      i7 930 2.8ghz

      24gb ddr 3

      gts 9800 'cuda'


      thanks in advance