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    Printing issues CS5 to Xerox C320 Laser

    Lcalodolce Level 1

      Hi There,


      I have recently upgraded from CS4 Windows  to a new iMac with CS5. I was getting good prints out of the PC although  when we switched to Mac CS5 I have been getting de saturated prints, no  colour concistancy across progams and it is near impossible to colour  callibrate.


      I have double checked that I am using the  correct driver for the Xerox C320 Document Centre, I have experimented  with changing colour profiles. I just can't get a good colour out of any  of the applications. Illustrator is the worst. The prints are coming  out nothing like when they show on screen. I am really confused as all  of the IT experts we have consulted with had advised us that printing on  the Mac would produce a better print that the PC although this is not  the case.


      If anyone has any ideas of how to fix this problem it would be greately appreciated.


      Thank you,