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    Issues with height of movie clip

      I'm implementing a scrolling feature for this movie clip. I've got a mask on the layer above it to keep the visibility in a confined space. So the movie clip doesn't continue scrolling past the bottom of the mask, I have this conditional statement:

      if(_root.panList._y + _root.panList._height > 432)

      panList is the instance of my scrolling movie clip. The 432 is the bottom most position that the movie clip is visible at. So whenever the y plus height of my clip is greater than 432 (higher than it should be) it will skip the scrolling function within my conditional.

      The problem is the clip quits scrolling prematurely. I traced the height and it came back around 212px. However, in Flash, it says the height should be 219. Why is actionscript clipping my movie clip's height?