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    Help with PageMaker 7.0, Transparent Backgrounds, and Feathering in Photoshop CS5

    Shino Tenshi Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am hoping someone here can help me out with a problem that I've been having for more than a week that I can't seem to figure out and it's driving me crazy.


      I have a friend who's trying to put together a graphical instruction manual using PageMaker 7.0.  My friend would like to have the borders on the pictures in the manual be softened and the background needs to be transparent, because each page in the manual will have a background watermark picture.


      I am running into a number of problems.  I have been using the feather and contrast options under Refine Edges in Photoshop CS5.  While the picture looks and prints great from Photoshop, as soon as I save the picture to a file format that I can import into Word and then PageMaker (more on this step below), the feathering only either becomes white instead of transparent (the rest of the transparent part of the picture is still fine) or the feathering becomes horribly pixelated.


      I am not sure which step in the process is causing the picture to degrade.  The two file formats that seem to at least retain the transparency through the importing process are PNG and TIFF, albeit horribly pixelated.  Could using these file formats cause the quality issue that I am describing?  Could it be transferring it through Word first, as described below?


      Is there are any other methods that one can use in Photoshop CS5 to soften the border of a picture other than feathering that may work better for these purposes.


      Regarding the use of Word to retain the transparency into PageMaker... are there any better ways of accomplishing this?  In order for the transparency to be retained, I need to add a text box, send it behind the picture, group it together, and copy the group over in order to retain the transparency using Word.  This, needless to say, is a horribly huge pain in the ***.  Any suggestions that could cut down the number of steps would be appreciated.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!