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    AVI (probably MP4) cannot be output correctly

    nicknameforme Level 1

      I have this video source file which plays back fine in Windows Media Player or VLC, but does not playback well in Premiere.  If I try to step through frame by frame it will repeat certain sections over and over and act strangely.


      I really want to get a usable file that I can edit and manipulate so I've tried to load into Premiere and just output it to a noncompressed format as well as some minimally compressed formats.


      No matter what I do, the output file ends up with strange freeze frame and skipped frame issues and is not an accurate copy of the original.  The source file is an AVI and VLC says it uses the MPEG-4 codec.


      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get this file (which as I said plays back fine in WMP) to be converted accurately into a format that can be manipulated in Premiere (or After Effects)?