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    Conditional Set : visible or not

    alexanderklapfer Level 1

      Hallo, I've a problem to find out the syntax to show or hide text with conditions or condition sets


      The idea is to have a script with a radio button to control 4 languages trought layers (static and dynanic) and also condional text:


      case 0:
      //define static elements
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("fingertips").visible =  true;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("mastro").visible =  true;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("text").visible = true;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("bilder").visible =  true;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("illustration").visible =  true;

      //define dynamic  content
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("deutsch").visible =  true;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("italienisch").visible =  false;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("englisch").visible =  false;
      app.activeDocument.layers.item("französisch").visible =  false;

      //define conditional  text
      app.activeDocument.contitionalset("PL2011 Deutsch").visible =  true                [here I've the problem .( ]


      alert("Deutsche Version ist  aktiviert.")




      The set is saved in InDesign with the following conditions:

      "de" = true

      "it" = false

      "fr" = false

      "en" = false


      all together is saved in "PL2011 Deutsch"


      Somebody can help me to make visible, in this case the conditionalSet "PL2011 Deutsch" ?