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    Is it possible to edit proxy-files from XDCAM?




      i work with xdcam material in PPro CS5. Works great!

      But somethimes we are in hurry and it would be nice to first

      import and edit the proxy-files.

      And after the edit is finished and in the meantime the full-resolution clips are copied to HDD,

      it would be nice to just replace the proxy files with the full resolution clips.

      It would be a benefit of time.


      But when i want to import proxy files to PPro it announce "files not supported"

      I thought proxy files are mp4 and PPro CS5 could import mp4...am i wrong?

      Is there a work-arround to import proxy-files (perhaps rename files-extension!)

      (Reencode to an other codec is no solution...takes to much time...)


      Thanks from Cologne for any suggestion


      Claus-Peter Wolf