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    Adobe Reader X - plugin problem


      I installed version X a week or two ago, and didn't notice any problems until today, when I tried to download some on-line coupons from a French site 'CroquonslaVie'.  When I came to click on the 'print' link, I got a message (top of screen) saying that additional plugins were necessary to show all elements on the page.  I authorised the installation, but my computer, having run a check, told me that no appropriate plugins were available.  Then I still couldn't print out the coupons.  Am I right in thinking this is a version X problem?  Can someone tell me what I can do to put it right?  My computer is French, and the above website is French, but I have rung them and they tell me it is an Adobe problem.


      If this website has a problem with Adobe, perhaps others do, as well!