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    Why does prem render cleaner AE comps than AE?

    Butch2oc Level 1
      I have found issues/differences with files rendered out of AE and then brought into Prem as opposed to the AE composition rendered straight off a Prem timeline.
      I have an AE comp with a still  shot of a house (jpeg, tiff, targa, png... i've tried em all).
      I have made it zoom/creep in slowly. I have also got a few graphics over it, not moving.
      I like to work in 10bit Uncompressed YUV.
      So while learning about dynamic linking I wondered what the difference was between an AE rendered file brought into AE as opposed to Prem rendering the AE comp.
      I rendered 2 files out of AE in 10bit Uncompressed YUV. 1 upper field based file and 1 progressive. While looking at the files in quick time on my Mac mon. you could see stepping on the angled roof line and the when I output the file via prem to my field based tech mon. the stepping was horrific to say the least, way more than the standard field stepping you expect with slight angled lines in the Pal TV world.
      I then imported the AE comp into 2 Prem sequences. I progressive and 1 field based.
      I then rendered from within prem with the EXACT codec/render settings as I had in AEs modules. The image quality in both Prem timelines was far superior to that rendered out of AE. No stepping on the roofline at all and the overlayed graphics were actually sharper.
      Can anyone tell me what's going on... as sometimes you have complex AE comps that need to be rendered out as a file for import into Prem.
      Cheers & merry new year