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    HELP! SWF file is not allowing me to publish in presenter


      I am in need of some help with a problem that I can not figure out. Presenter will not allow me to publish any courses that I have SWF files incorporated into to. Here is what happens. The SWF file plays just fine, as it is inserted into 1 slide, and works properly on powerpoint. When I go to publish the course, it does all the steps like normal, and looks like it is publishing and zipping the file correctly. Problem is when I go into the file where I am publishing/zipping file to, it is not there. Very odd.... I know it definately has to do with the SWF file because one of my courses does not have the video in it and that published and zips just fine. Any ideas on what the problem might be?


      I am using Adobe Presenter 7.06, Windows XP, and PowerPoint 2007