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    Targeting Frames

      Hi Guys!

      New here and looking for some help! What I'm trying to do seems very simple in my mind, but it's not working... here goes...

      I have '_root.DailyBriefings_mc', '_root.Analyse_mc' etc on seperate KeyFrames on the same layer, each KeyFrame as been labelled accordingly e.g. _root.Analyse_mc' = 'analyse'.

      'Analyse_mc' has a frame labeled 'x4Charts'; on '_root' I have a button with the following code...


      ...which works fine and gets me to 'x4Charts'.

      Within DailyBriefings_mc I have a button with...


      ...but it doesn't work!!

      Could some please give me a pointer... what am I not doing, or how should I be doing it?

      Many thanks!