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    flash website loading: question for all




      I have two questions for

      all internet users pertaining to how long you're willing to wait for a flash website to load. Before you answer,

      pls read the paragraph below since I need a more articulate answer than just YES or NO, please.

      I'm building a website in flash (actionscript 2) that loads rather quick  for broadband/cable users - the entire site loads relatively fast and  even when you click on the buttons to call a 200 kb flash movie (SWF) it  loads within 2-3 seconds.

      My main concern is with dial up users (I'm one myself); even though  there are A LOT of broadband users, there are still a multitude of dial  up users and I don't want them to turn away from my site.

      When I load the site (Dial-up) it takes approx. 35-40 seconds. But I've  noticed something and if you could verify this it would help a lot -  I've noticed that the only time that the website loads SLOW is on the  very first occasion, once the website and its content is in your  browser's cache it loads very quickly every time you call for it - even  the SWF's -  and even if you turn off your computer, leave it for days  and come back it loads quickly since the site is in your browser's  cache.

      MY QUESTION (1): If you were a dial-up user and you know the site is  good (my site looks good and has substance) would it bother you if it  loads for that long on the first occasion?

      QUESTION (2)  I have a preloader showing how long the site loads, but  would it help if I could explain to people that the site only takes that  long to load the first time they visit the site? Would it be too tacky if I put some sort of animation/text next to the preloader explaing the situation?

      Thanks so much for your input!
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          Lee Burrows Level 4



          1) dial up users must be used to some sites taking ages to load, but whether they will wait for yours is another matter - your site may look good and have substance but if the user is impatient, they may leave before your site has loaded; no matter how good your site is.


          2) a preloader is a must (so users can see how long they need to wait) but i wouldnt go as far as an explanation - as i said above, dialup users are used to this behaviour.


          to improve the situation, you could either split your large swf up into smaller sections (eg just load home page, then load other pages when user navigates around) or add an eye-catching animation to the preloader display to keep the user 'occupied' - it would probably need to be actionscript driven (eg particles) otherwise it would add too much to the swf size

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            Riff88 Level 1

            Thanks very much, that's very helpful!