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    Problem with TLFTextField, textFormat and lineBreak

    poloop Level 1



      I've got a little problem with one of my fla file. I put in a fla a TLFTextfield with a multiline scrap text, then I change the text and the font. But when I change the textTFormat, the linebreaks of the text became "new paragraph" whereas I'd just like a "new line".


      Are there any properties to set to keep linebreak  as "new line"?


      Just bellow the code I used :


      public static function setTLFTextField(textField : TLFTextField, fontFamily : String, value : String, embed : Boolean = true, html : Boolean = false) : void
           var selectable : Boolean = textField.selectable;
           textField.selectable = true;
           var textFormat : TextFormat = textField.getTextFormat();
           textFormat.font = fontFamily + "_" + locale;
           textFormat.letterSpacing = (isNaN(textFormat.letterSpacing as Number))? 0 : textFormat.letterSpacing;
           textField.embedFonts = embed;
           /*if (!html)
                textField.text = value;
                textField.htmlText = value;*/
           textFormat.display = "none";
           textField.selectable = selectable;



      Thanks for your help....