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    Audition or Soundbooth?

    Cliff Etzel Level 1

      I'm coming from having used Sony Vegas PRo for several years but have since ditched it for PPro CS5.  I have worked in not only Vegas Pro, but also Sound Forge and Acid Pro.  Audio is a big deal for me so I'm looking at the integration aspects, trying to determine which route to go for when I need to work more in depth with audio - Audition or Soundbooth.


      Any others out there have some insights as to which way to go?  I mainly use audio to do noise reduciton, sound enhancement, volume control, etc.  I have used varios VST's such as iZotope mastering VST's but not sure if those can be used within Soundbooth or not.  Before I purchase, I wanted to see what others are using when in a post production workflow for audio.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Soundbooth was conceived as a X-platform audio-editing program, to do some of the common things, that video-editors used. It has been expanded to include aspects, like multi-track editing, that Audition had.


          For power, I would definitely suggest Audition, but also remember that I have not used Soundbooth, since its beta days, and it has gotten better. Still, and especially for noise reduction/removal, Audition will do what you want.


          You did not mention the platform, but Audition 3 is still PC-only. The new Audition is rumored to be X-platform.


          Good luck,




          PS - with some VST's, PrPro might have problems loading. Should it fail on one, it writes that to a blacklist, so as to not try to load it again. This can mean that when installed, one might have to relaunch PrPro several times, until it compiles that full blacklist. Just something to know.

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            JaysonM-Y Level 3

            Tried Soundbooth about 2 months before the Audition beta, tried the Audition beta wondered why Audition didn't come with the Suite.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              wondered why Audition didn't come with the Suite.




              Up until CS3, it did. The problem was that Audition was only ported of the PC, and CS3 went back to X-platform. As of Audition 3, it's still PC-only, but that is about to change - but do not have a timeline. Soundbooth was designed pretty much from the ground up, so making it X-platform was a bit easier for Adobe, than re-tooling the old CoolEdit Pro (the base of Audition). Adobe tried to incorporate a lot of Audition into Soundbooth, but kept it lean by concentrating on functions that were perceived to be more relative to video-editing. Over a couple of iterations, Adobe has added more Audition-like features.


              Do not have any clue what Adobe will do, regarding Soundbooth and Audition, relative to the suites. Time will tell.


              I probably need to revisit Soundbooth, as much has improved and been added. It is bound to be a much better program, that when I tested the beta. Right now, I would not give up Audition for any other program, and I have barely scratched its surface.



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                shooternz Level 6

                The (only) thing I hate about Audition!


                Audition projects ( sessions) do not save audio files unless they are actually used in the multitrack somewhere.


                Its kind of like PPro throwing away the contents of the project bin unless the clips or assets are actually in a sequence.


                I dont like much about Soundbooth.  Took me forever to see how one  even started a multitrack  session.



                Actually I hate audio all round.  Its very messy to deal with!


                I do love PPRO though. 

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Took me forever to see how one  even started a multitrack  session.

                  Initially, one didn't, and that was a deal-breaker for many.


                  Actually I hate audio all round.  Its very messy to deal with!

                  Yes, but when you get it just perfect - it sounds so good! For me, the payoff (if I ever get there) justifies the effort.


                  Only problem that I have is that Audition uses all those "audio terms!"


                  Wish that I had paid more attention to the "sound blocks" in film school. I did enough study to get the grades, but could have learned a heck of a lot more, had I just been a better student. For most of my academic career, I worked with a great sound guy, who knew his stuff coming into the classes, and probably could have taught most. I just relied on Pat to get the great sound, and then work in the suite to edit it. He went on to work in Hollywood, and I saw him in a few credits, but have completely lost track. Would assume that with his knowledge and talent (plus his uncle was a big sound-guy there too), he did well an now lives in one of those large houses that I admire at Pebble Beach, or similar. Good luck Pat.



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                    Cliff Etzel Level 1

                    Although I'm not a n00b to audio,the main thing I'm most concerned about is really to clean up audio of such things as noise reduction, improving overall audio quality as far as levels, stuff like that.  I work on Windows 7 64bit btw


                    I've mainly done mixing of songs in Sony Acid Pro since version 4 and have mainly used Sound Forge for Noise Removal and general sweetening of audio so my needs are modest in relation to someone who is scoring multitrack music.  But I would like to use one tool if at all possible.  That was one of the things I appreciated most about Vegas Pro - it was the best at handling audio right on the timeline, but it has become too unreliable and I thus needed to move on.  I used Premiere Pro when it was first released at 1.0, then went to 1.5 and abandoned it at 2.0 due to how difficult it became to work with resource wise.  But I'm back to it as a result of it having matured into a full fledged 64bit app with plugin support.


                    But as I've heard it said, audio is 60% or more of video so it's important to have a tool I can work with to help me get to my end goals.


                    I'm currently testing the Soundbooth trial - it seems to have basic tools for my needs listed above, but I'm not quite sure yet if it's what I need.

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                      Butch2oc Level 1

                      All audio progs can achieve the same thing after you spend time to nut them out. Some are more functional than others I preferred audition.

                      You can tackle sweetening audio from editing packages in various ways, my preferred path was to export each track as a file individually as opposed to a quick complete timeline OMF or AFF. I found making changes visually and then getting the audio prog to except changes hard. If I re-exported by file only the the audio prog would update easily maintaining settings etc.

                      That being said I have recently migrated from FCP to premiere and although prem has a couple of things that need addressing, it is by far the most functional for sweetening audio. The type of audio sweetening I need to do is... compression, eq, reverb, delay, noise reduction, pop removal, etc etc just basic stuff but the most important thing required was to hard limit all audio to -8db (our standard here for digital/analogue compatibility). Not available in FCP

                      I just completed a commercial with 16 tracks of audio in premiere without going out to other software. I really pushed it... didn't have to render audio... all real time with a nice limiter on the master channel.

                      The negatives with doing audio in prem... maintaing pitch with speed adjustments not good (in my system)... has a basic graphic eq but with all the other VST plugs you can get what your after.... I have not found a way of copying or setting up presets for filters etc.


                      So in summary 90 - 95% of my audio sweetening is actually going to happen in Premiere, on the timeline like you were with vegas pro. It rocks, no more exporting... changes are really easy.

                      Have a go and see what you think.


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Considering that Audition has some noise reduction Presets (they work great, BTW) built in, and then make Transient Removal so very easy, I would lean that direction. It's basically a one-click, or click-drag, click correction. Easy-peazy.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          PrPro does a good job, and can use a lot of VST's. For everything else, there's Audition. [Maybe I need to attribute MasterCard for that line?]



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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            The problem was that Audition was only ported of the PC


                            Yet another reason for me to just looooove those Mac users.  CS3 had no real major advances.  It's biggest claim to fame was a Mac version.   But it did come with what many consider to be a major loss, no Audition.


                            Apple must DIE!

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              I wonder if that bright red present, under your Christmas tree, is an iPad?


                              Merry Christmas,