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    Viewing language property on PDF document (508 compliance)


      I'm currently working on a content management system that produces some PDF files to be published to external web sites. These PDF files have to be 508 compliant and one of the requirements listed by the user group is to have a Language set on the document.   Using iText I'm setting the language property to the corresponding locale and I can see the value set on an editable dropdown on my Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, so far so good. Problem is, I cannot see the language code value when viewing properties on any given document on Adobe Reader.

      I checked the Adobe Reader 508 compliance overview document and there is no mention of document properties such as language so I'm guessing language does not get displayed on Adobe Reader?  It isn't obvious to me why showing the language code value on the document properties would be an accessibility requirement but I just need to double check.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.