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    My semi-transparent text turns to solid when I save as a gif.

    Lorva Level 1

      I'm working on a text logo that will have a transparent background which goes over a photo with varied color background. Two of the words are gradient fill with a light border and they display correctly.


      The third word is set up as semi transparent (46% opacity) as I want it to look like it's disappearing and letting some of the background in the photo show through. It has a thin light border around the letters (set up as strong anti alias) so the letters will show up on the darker background (I used Text/convert to paths to adjust the width of the border.


      When I save it as a .png file it displays as intended. However when I save as a gif (either index or alpha transparency) with the matte color as transparent the letters are no longer semi-transparent but a solid color. The web page is already image intensive so I can't load as a png file which is multiple times larger. I need to save as a gif.


      There are no filters applied to any of the words.


      Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?