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    Issues with stills...

    Eric Addison User Group Manager

      I'm noticing an issue with stills in 5.0.3. I've got a couple projects going right now that are all still frames, and every once and awhile PPro confuses the image files.


      Example -  I've got 2 images...one called mirror.jpeg and the other mirror3.jpeg. The thumbnail for mirror.jpeg is correct, and I can play the image on the timeline fine. But when I try and use mirror3.jpeg, it comes up with the thumbnail for mirror.jpeg (different image), and if I double click it in the bin, the wrong image (mirror.jpeg) opens in the source monitor, and if I drag it to the timeline...you guessed it - wrong image.


      Now if I right click mirror3.jpeg and choose Edit in Photoshop, the correct image opens up there.


      Anyone else seen these behavior?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          As a test, can you Open Mirror3.JPEG in PS, and do a Save_As with a totally different name, saw Face_03.JPEG? Then, Import that newly Saved image into PrPro, replacing Mirror3.JPEG. Does the correct thumbnail now display, and does the correct image play in the Timeline.


          Good luck,



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            Eric Addison User Group Manager

            Thanks for the tip, Bill. I actually tried that right after I posted, and it looks like that does the trick...I wonder if it's something with the files my client is giving me. I'm only seeing this with still images from them.

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              SFL46 Level 3

              Someone else reported a similar issue in another post. Since changing the file name fixed it, it suggests that it is not the file itself.  However, what is suggested is that PrPro may not be be searching on all of the characters in the file name--in your example, it isn't looking beyond the word "mirror" to realize that mirror1 and mirror 3 are different.


              I saw similar behavior in the BorisFX pluggin in CS4.  I had an effect that moved four images around the screen.  If I didn't change the name of the effect on the second occurrence, it would display the first four images in the second occurrence rather than the second four.  I assumed this was a Boris issue, but maybe not.

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                Eric Addison User Group Manager

                I didn't just change the file name...I opened the original in Photoshop, did a Save As, and then gave it a similar name. I kept the format as JPEG. So I'm thinking that re-saving it as done something to the file. I also noticed that doing that changed the file size as well...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  Glad that it worked. I wish that I had a clear idea of what goes into things to create such behavior. I have never encountered this, but, as mentioned, there was a somewhat similar post recently.


                  I have also gone back to the old file naming conventions, like using the _ (underscore) character, in lieu of spaces. For a bit of background on that, many Encore users were having all sorts of issues. Error messages galore. I was not experiencing the same, but did the reading, following along. Neil Wilkes pointed out an issue with Sonic Scenarist, with long file names, long Paths, spaces, and several characters. As Encore uses many of the Sonic Authorcore modules, En users started finding that addressing those Sonic issues fixed many problems in En - and I read. To keep those issue from plaguing me, I adopted a habit in my file naming conventions, and just maintain that in most workflows now. I have no idea if you issue was file naming, or something changed with the Open>Save_As (I suspect the latter).


                  Best thing is that you are now getting the desired image, where you want it.


                  Stay dry, good luck, and happy holidays,



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                    Eric Addison User Group Manager

                    I use the underscore all the time now...I picked up the habit because I end up uploading a lot of files to my FTP, and spaces in file names make for bad looking weblinks - a space comes across as %20 in lnks - i.e. www.filename%20edit.com


                    I have no idea what re-saving the files did, but it worked so I'm going with it.


                    Stay dry - HA! I got back into the office today after being in San Jose yesterday for a shoot (that was some great flying weather we had yesterday!), to find that I had two spots on the floor where water had come in...don't know where from, but I've got dryers going on them. It's sooooo much fun to edit with that sound in the background!


                    Happy Holidays to you too!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Well, I think that we are about to get it next. Was hoping to finally get out on the golf course tomorrow, but think that will be, well a "washout." We always need rain around these parts, but sounds like a year's worth might come in one day - bad news, when the land will not absorb water.


                      With the weather in parts of the nation and the globe, I just cannot believe that our travels are through for the year. We dodged several weather "bullets," but so often find ourselves in the teeth of the storm. A very wet day at home beats even driving to the store in one. Not sure how I got so lucky in 2010, but I'll take it.


                      Now, back to our regularly scheduled program:


                      I'd love to hear some thoughts from Todd, Jeremy, Dennis, et al, as to what the issues could be.


                      I'd be most inclined to think something with the JPEGs' header info. As you mentioned, those came from your client. I have had issues with JPEG's in PS not Opening properly, and then use other JPEG programs, and do a Save_As to clean up bogus headers. However, you had no issues with Opening this JPEG in PS, but there could still be something in the header that messing things up. OTOH - for PrPro, one really only has an absolute link to a unique Asset, so that would seem to blow the JPEG header thought out of the water?


                      Take care, and hope that the blowers do their jobs,



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                        Eric Addison User Group Manager

                        Well, if Todd, Dennis, Jeremy, or any of the other Adobe staff who frequents these forums wants to have a peek at the files, I'm happy to pass them along...just say the word!

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          That would be something good, especially in light of a similar issue. Maybe something right on top, that we are all missing?



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                            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                            Please file a bug report. If you either provide a link in the bug report to download a problematic file or mention that you're willing to be contacted for one, someone may get back to you if they need the file.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              Thank you. That is about all that Eric can ask for.