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    HTTP Streaming only works with F4M?

    ptaranto Level 1

      I'm building a video player and would like to be able to seek to any part of my videos (flv and mp4).


      here is my code:


      var video : VideoElement = new VideoElement(new StreamingURLResource(url, StreamType.RECORDED, startTime), new HTTPStreamingNetLoader());


      but my mediaPlayer.canSeekTo(time) returns false if its not downloaded yet, so I can not seek to any part of my videos.


      Does the OSMF HTTP Streaming classes only works with f4m files and Adobe stuffs (File Packager and Origin Module) (http://www.adobe.com/products/httpdynamicstreaming/)?


      If I want to use with any other HTTP Pseudo-Streaming like http://h264.code-shop.com/trac I should have to manage each seek request myself (if its returns false to canSeekTo() ) as a new video?


      PS: I'm already targeting flash player 10.1 (CONFIG::FLASH_10_1,true)


      Thanks in advance,



      Pedro Taranto