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    Windows 7 & Acrobat X


      I have had a look for posts indicating similar trouble, but can't find

      any (didn't try that hard though).



      I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and I downloaded Acrobat X some weeks ago.

      Occassionally, when Acrobat is "called" by Internet Explorer to open a pdf, it fails to continue/complete and then causes Internet Explorer to hang.

      Internet Explorer has to be fully closed and re-opened, computer does not need re-boot.

      Acrobat used to be absolutely reliable with XP, now.........

      Is it Windows or Acrobat at fault (or both?)


      Note: Have experienced this with two completely different Installs of Windows 7, and Acrobat X, both fully updated.

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          I too have problems with Windows 7 and Acrobat Reader, though not quite the same setup as BlackDuck58’s. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit on this laptop.

          (a) I had Adobe Reader 9.1.n running. Successfully downloaded A.pdf document from publisher, smooth as normal.


          (b) When trying to download next document B.pdf from the same publisher I am have Blank IE window. Same symptoms when attempting download of B.pdf again after having closed all other Internet Explorer sessions and all open applications.


          (c) Uninstalled Adobe Reader 9.1.n. and Adobe Air from the laptop. Attempting to download Adobe X getPlus+(R): Error Operating System Error! (16297.103.516 - …….).


          Please Help!

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            Anurag_Gupta Adobe Employee

            Is the error happening while downloading or before download starts? Do you see the download progress bar anytime?

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              BlackDuck58 Level 1

              Annoyingly, the problem is NOT consistent.

              Sometimes it hangs before the progress bar appears, and other times it hangs part way through the progress bar completion (say 610kb of 750kb for example). Sometimes it works (!!), more than 50% of the time.

              When the Reader window hangs, it will not close, then you get "Windows is searching for a resolution of the problem etc", which is ultimately unsuccesful, and then Internet Explorer is forced to close.


              I have now configured Acrobat X to NOT open a tab/window in IE, but open in the traditional way, as I have seen this solution proposed here too.

              So far this seems completely reliable, but I am unconvinced as yet.

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                Hello Mr. Gupta,


                I am receiving the same Operating System Error 16297.103.516 (twice) mentioned above when I try to download Reader X.  Running Vista-86 with SP2.


                Thanks for your help.

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                  I have also seen where you uncheck it openining in IE, then check it back and it will start working. It's a quick little thing you can try.