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    Indexing function in Adobe Acrobat Pro


      I am currently using the 30 day trial version of the above software, and am new to the Adobe product.  I am able to import a file created in MS Publisher, but am now attempting to create an index file.  I searched on the web and found this reference (presumably for a diferent version of the product, since I cannot see this menu item) :


      "Add an index to a PDF

      1. With the document open in Acrobat, choose Advanced > Document Processing > Manage Embedded Index.
      2. In the Manage Embedded Index dialog box, click Embed Index.
      3. Read the messages that appear, and click OK. "


      There is no such menu path in the application that I am evaluating (Adobe Acrobat X), nor can I see it in the "Tools" pane. I am attempting to take a series if .pub files, import them into .pdf format,  then create an index on all of these files (for use both in a soft copy search function, and a printable index for a hard copy format).


      Subject to being able to perform this and some other functions, we are intending to purchase the product for our annual publications.





      Thanks for any help.  My specialty is economics and numbers, so I'm very much a newby at publications.



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          CtDave Level 5

          "Index" in context of PDFs/Acrobat means PDF page content indexed to support advanced search.
          Not at all the traditional "index" found at the end of hard copy text.
          Unlike MS Word, MS Publisher does not provide the traditional "Index" feature.
          You might need to investigate if MS Word (or some third-party Index application) could interface with the Publisher files such that the traditional Index you desire could be built. An index, in a Word file, can be part of the created PDF(s) page content.
          However, an MS Word generated index does not use Word's "Hyperlink" feature - so, no links within the Word file and thus no link(s) in the PDF.

          To get to Acrobat X's "Index" feature:
          (Also described in Acrobat X on line Help)
          Open Acrobat X's Tools pane. If a sub-pane titled "Document Processing" is present then expand it.
          If not present then, on the right side of the gray ribbon just under Tools | Comment | Share click on the icon.
          Select "Document Processing" from the associated menu.
          In the expanded Document Processing sub-pane the bottom two entries are associated with the Index feature.

          In context of having several PDFs from the PUB files a cataloged index might be more useful.

          Be well...

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            bouldercounty Level 1

            Thanks for your helpful explanation,  much appreciated.