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    Feature Request: 1. Clarify metadata updating in Guide, and 2. make errors visible.

    areohbee Level 6

      A couple things would help immensely:


      1. Clarify metadata schema/version updating in the guide, and

      2. make errors visible - as it stands, these flash by so fast they are unreadable. I've a feeling there's some useful information in them thats going straight to bit bucket instead of eyes/brain.



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          areohbee Level 6

          One thing thats confusing in the guide is the example update function is provided, yet 'noAutoUpdate' is not provided.


          I thought if no-auto-update is nil, then the update function would not be called. Is this just a whoops in the doc, or is there something I'm missing? i.e. is it possible to use auto-updating in conjunction with the manual update function? Say if item versions are changing but not the schema version?


          What is the purpose of noAutoUpdate if the mere presence or absence of an update function would do the same thing? I'm starting to think it must be possible to have auto update and manual update concurrently, but if so - how would that work? auto-update runs first, then manual? Or, maybe auto-update (only) runs if no schema change but item version changes, and manual update runs (only) if schema changed. Or maybe auto runs first to handle item version changes, then manual runs to do the schema update - I'm getting confused again.




          Also, if previousSchemaVersion is nil, will the update function still be called? If so, then one had better check for it or no first-time users will ever be able to install the plugin, since update func would "error out" when comparing nil to a number. Actually, it may be that update function errors dont hurt in this case - my previous problem was errors that I think kept the update function from being called at all - which made it impossible to enable the plugin.



          PS - I miss the days when Eric Scouten would at least occasionally respond on the SDK forum.

          Where in the world is Chet Drarvik?