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    Flex 4 + Flash Player 10 + Embedded Fonts issues, Incorrect Metrics

    Justin Panté

      Hello All,


      Firstly some background.


      The application we've build for our client is used by large user groups, one of which are running on a Standard Operating Environment that has 10,0,42,34 as the installed version of Flash Player.


      The issue seems to be that either the Flex SDK or the Flash player does not seem to calculate specific font heights correctly and due to this strange behaviour results in Flash Player 10 (above version).  These issues are non-existant in FP 10.1.


      The example I've tested is Lucida Sans.  Issues include highlighting of text displays incorrect selection rectangles, insertion pointers are not aligned, button heights are cropped, etc. indicating that there is an issue with the font height metric.


      I appreciate that FP 10.1 has a lot of improvements and fixes but I'm curious to know if there was something specific to font rendering that I may have missed trawling through release notes.


      Here is a live example of the issue;


      source included



      • Issues do not appear in Flash Player 10.1
      • Running IE8 with 10,0,42,34 cause issues
      • Problems only seem to happen with Lucida Sans font embedded,  Embedded Arial font is fine.


      Any help on this issue, thoughts or a workaround would be largly appreciated!