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    Fixing Memory Leaks?

    Kevin C. Burke Level 1


      I'm trying to understand how to fix loitering items in my AIR application. I ran my application in the Flash profiler for the evening and there are definitely some things I don't have setting to be garbage collected. I was wondering if, by looking at the attached loitering objects comparison, you can identify some things that I can do to clean up the applicaiton, I'd be very grateful. I feel like I've identified some problems but I'm not sure how to go about fixing them (other than setting things to null and removing them when they've served their purpose). Thanks!


      Screen shot 2010-12-23 at 12.23.47 AM.png

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          aktell2007 Level 1

          Just after close to two month building a very large and complex AIR Application, and I did my research for several weeks before even starting I have simelar problems. Now as it is finish one set with and one set without modules I'm back to a web Application trying to figure out why and mostly why not. Building the App. in AIR was so very-very much better thinking this is it why did I think about this not before, and using modules was a breeze, but still the agro and agony after taken so much care with it is just not funny !!!

          I always wondered why AIR developer had Apps. with one or the other item but never so far I have seen a complex Application with different options in it etc. makes you wonder ???


          regards aktell