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    Do you want the debugger to show objects with their toString() value? Then vote for this issue!

    TomBurgundy Level 1

      Hello dear co-developers,


      personally I find debugging a complex Flex application very cumbersome due to the fact that objects don't show their toString() value in the Debug variables view.


      So instead of


      Article [id="xxx", title="A nice title", otherUsefulInfo=123]


      we get


      de.company.something.Article (@123addd)


      If you have ever tried to investigate the order of several objects in a list, you would appreciate what an immense improvement the toString() representation would be.


      So, if you are with me, vote for this bug:



      You also might want to vote for this bug, to make things even more useful:



      Cheers, and a happy new year to everybody