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    edit website with cs5

    jsparksa Level 1

      When I connect to the website the page displays correctly, but after I click the Edit button, the page is displayed in column (list) format, 1 column and each item from the page is displayed on a separate line going down the page.


      For example:












      Etc. . . .


      We use three versions of Contribute: CS3, CS4 and CS5 and we can edit the page without any issues using CS3 and CS4,  CS5 was installed recently and we have note been able to use it because of the way the page is rendered in Edit mode.


        The website is http://www.lensc.org



      Thanks in advance for any help!



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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               Can you provide the screenshot of how the web page looks, when you put the web page to edit in Contribute?

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            jsparksa Level 1

            Krishna Prasad B V,


              Here are a few screen captures of the CS5 screens of our web site in edit mode.  I did not capture the entire site: I got the top of the site and a couple representative pages.  Again, the web site is : http://www.lensc.org .  The page does show correctly before the Edit button is pressed. We also use CS3 and CS4 and the edit function works correctly in those versions.



            Thanks for your help,



            James A Sparks


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              Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



                   I have sent you a private message.

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                jsparksa Level 1

                Hi James,


                                The issue is that Contribute is unable to resolve the css for the web page, though it downloads all the css files correctly. To resolve the issue, can you modify the import.css file as follows:


                The existing import.css file has -

                                @import url(/css/tags.css);

                Change this to –

                                @import url(./tags.css);


                Repeat the same for all the ‘import’ statements in the import.css file. Save the css file.


                In the Forum discussion, you had mentioned that, you did not face any issue when you edited the web page in Contribute CS4 and CS3. Can you confirm that you did not face this issue while editing that page in Contribute CS4?





                And here is the response from our Service provider:


                Hi all,


                Jim got a solution to the Contribute problem from Adobe, which I forwarded to Aztek because it was a tweak to our Website’s CSS. In a millisecond, I got a response saying it was done and asking me to test it, which I did on Kristy’s computer. Looks like it did the trick. Check when you get in next, Frank.


                And, Jim… Josh from Aztek may have been looking for a solution to this problem for other clients. Here’s what he said, “Excellent.  You just helped me solve quite a vexing problem.”