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    Line Chart with DataTips if the XML has one point

    Sen Imagines



      I am using Flex 3 Line chart.

      The data for the chart is provided thru a HTTP service from a back end function (XML format)


      I use 2 Line series.


      The chart displays the DataTips properly if there are more than one number of nodes (data points for Flex to plot).

      But, if the XML contains a single node, no line is displayed.


      It is required to show atleast a point to be plotted corresponding to that XML node.


      To achieve this, I used a CrossItem Renderer for the chart series so that a cross indication appears corresponding to that data point.








      But the DataTip does not appear when I mouse over that cross in the chart.


      Can i know how to achieve showing the DataTips if the XML has one point.


      - Sen