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    RoboHelp for word 6

      I am using RoboHelp 6 for Word, Window2000 and MS Word 2000. When I start a new project, I choose WebHelp project type. I look at the "Welcome" topic, I get 0.08" margin from the left. I go to the style to change to 0". But as soon as I build the project again, 0.08" margin come back.

      Does some one know what is going on?

      Thank you
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi awu10 and welcome to our community

          While I have no answer for you on this issue, I'm wondering why you are using RoboHelp for Word if you are interested in WebHelp output? RoboHelp HTML is the more logical choice here.

          Additionally, you will find a wealth of folks that know how to assist with questions like these for RoboHelp HTML, while those using RoboHelp for Word are a diminishing group.

          RoboHelp HTML has a very "Word Like" interface. The big difference between the two (aside from the fact RoboHelp HTML was specifically designed for creating HTML Help and WebHelp) is that instead of working on a document with many topics inside, you work on individual topics as you go.

          Just a thought... Rick