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    F1 Displaying Multiple Windows etc




      I'm working in RoboHelp to create WebHelp. We have done this successfully and implemented F1 help. F1 works....but with a few issues. We have a number of software products that use help. On one of the products you can press F1 and the correct topic displays. However, if you press F1 again for a different part of the product, and whilst IE is still open, the correct page is not displayed - the default home page is displayed instead but not of the links work.


      On a different product the correct page is displayed but a new window is opened each time. I would have expected just the same window and the help page just to change.


      Is there some setting somewhere that governs this or is it a developer thing? Seems at bit weird that there is different behavious forour different products.


      BTW: We're using IE8.