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    printing textArea multipage contents..

    Bhushan Phalak Level 1

      I need print the text from a text area, which might span multiple pages.  How can I achieve that. Using FlexPrintJob doesnot seems to be working. please give me example also.

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          UbuntuPenguin Level 4

          If the text area is going to span multiple pages you probably have to do something like this ( If I remember correctly )


          1. Create a PrintDataGrid

          2. Make an itemrenderer containing a text area

          3. Set the text on the text area item renderer to whatever you want.

          4. Print the PrintDataGrid.


          There is some documentation on how to print a PrintDataGrid.  Sorry, I don't have any copypasta to give you  as far as this example is concerned.  I did the best I could from memory.