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    HD export as small as possible


      Hello Guys,


      I've been strugging with finding a way to export a HD video as small as possible with a decent quality. It would be nice to get this about 10MB for 1 min but my video is way bigger than it, about 40MB for 1 min...It would be very thanksful if you guys help me out.


      Here is how I set up this video:

      Since I have some opening and ending movies (frame size: 1280 720, frame rate 25.00 fps), I choose the AVCHD 720p25 at the beginning when one has to set up a sequence.

      To export the video, I choose H.264 as Format and HDTV 720p 25 High Quality as Preset.

      Then I've got a movie which is 40MB for 1 min.


      I have been also trying to find a decent way to export it as small as possible by changing a bunch of settings but I haven't got any good results yet.

      Besides, I have used MPED Streamclip to compress or convert the video but it's made the video small enough so far..


      I'm very looking forward to your reply.